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October 31st, 2007 at 10:34 pm

Tactical Strength Challenge

I saw a snippet about the Tactical Strength Challenge competition in Ultra Fit magazine. There are three events: deadlift, pull-up and kettlebell snatch.

According to the website, the purpose of the Tactical Strength Challenge is to test absolute strength (deadlift), bodyweight-relative strength (pull-ups), and cardiovascular endurance (kettlebell snatches). The three events test a trade-off between these abilities. Heavier participants have an advantage in the deadlift, lighter participants have an advantage in pull-ups. The kettlebell snatch tests all participants more or less equally.

What caught my attention was the fact that this year’s worldwide winner in the women’s division was Angela Craig from the UK. Her stats were extremely impressive:

Bodyweight: 138.6 pounds

Deadlift: 264 pounds

Pull-ups: 14

16kg kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes: 132

I am quite tempted to enter next year. Looking at the results for the divison, I reckon it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility for me to be somewhere in the middle of the pack, if I trained consistently for it.

The winner, Angela Craig did well because she seems to be a good all-rounder. Whereas the woman who came second in the deadlift event didn’t manage any pull-ups at all.

Actually, the pull-up totals are interesting. Quite a few competitiors get 0 pull-ups, but the next lowest total is 6 pull-ups. And out of those who managed any pull-ups at all, almost half got 10 or above. Perhaps this shows that once you’ve cracked pull-ups, it is possible to get some really impressive totals.

This challenge would also be good to do as a gym fitness test. Unfortunately my gym does not have kettlebells so I would have to substitute a dumbbell (which would make it a bit easier). Perhaps I can persuade the gym to invest in some kettlebells!

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    Seems like a very tough workout, especially from a tactical standpoint. I will give it a try though!

    BlackHawk Tactical Gear on August 5th, 2008


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