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May 19th, 2011 at 2:49 pm

Practical Kettlebell Training

Practical Kettlebell Training DVDKettlebells have exploded in popularity over the last few years – I think to the surprise of many who thought they would be a flash in the pan or a specialist tool used only by enthusiasts.

In fact, kettlebells are fun, they appeal to the home trainer market and are also popular with women who otherwise mightn’t use resistance training at all.

However, with this popularity has inevitably come a lot of ‘lazy’ training and teaching, and a plethora of instruction of varying levels of quality. I cringe when I see some of the stuff that goes on in gyms across the land, even with movements as simple as a two-handed swing.

So a good, comprehensive, quality DVD is always going to be a much-needed tool and this is what Practical Kettlebell Training represents.

This 2-disc DVD set features the UK’s Stephen Aish, who has been teaching kettlebells and holding masterclasses for many years (and isn’t it great to be promoting a UK trainer for a change?).

Kettlebell windmillThe DVD aims to be the complete package, so covers everything from the moment you first see a kettlebell to the key exercises like swing, snatch, squat, jerk, windmill and so on, to advanced training and competition techniques.

Specifically, the 2-disc DVD set covers:

  • Warm ups and stretches
  • Major kettlebell exercises (shown from side and front)
  • Kettlebell workouts
  • Kettlebell competition training
  • Safety and handling tips
  • Examples of advanced kettlebell training for MMA

I received a copy of this DVD after doing a course with Steve and was very impressed by it. The production values are not the flashiest, but the substance is there. Steve’s approach is quite technical and detailed, which I think is great for people who are home trainers or those who plan to teach others.

In fact, the vast majority of people I see in gyms using and teaching kettlebells should have a copy of this DVD! It’s clear that many people only have the vaguest idea of how to teach or execute these movements properly, particularly the clean and the snatch. Practical Kettlebell Training breaks these movements down and provides effective drills so that people can learn the movements without bashing the hell out of their forearms, ripping up their palms or risking injury because they can’t stabilise the kettlebell properly overhead.

A complete beginner with their first kettlebell could pick this DVD  up and begin to train effectively. A person with some experience who needs more detail on technique and advanced pointers would also benefit – especially if they are self taught or if they went on a course a while ago and can’t remember all the teaching points. And anyone who is teaching others will get a lot from the instruction points and advice on how to train groups.

So this DVD is really a great all-rounder and if you don’t have a decent source of kettlebell instruction, I recommend it.

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