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Gubernatrix brings you in-depth advice, news and opinion from the cutting edge of strength training and conditioning.

Gubernatrix is Sally Moss, trainer, writer and ambassador of strength. She has been voted one of the 10 Most Influential Women in the Strength and Conditioning World and appears in the list of Top 100 Most Influential Personal Trainers. She is a regular expert contributor to Men’s Fitness and Women’s Fitness UK magazines, and a busy coach and speaker.

“Get ready to be inspired by a brilliant, strong, witty person whom I adore madly.”
– Josh Hanagarne, World’s Strongest Librarian

“if you haven’t visited her site, then you’re only hurting yourself for not doing so.”
– Justin P, The Bodyweight Files

“my favorite strength ambassador from the UK”
– Chip Conrad, Bodytribe

“one serious gamechanger”
– Joslyn Thompson, Fit Girl About Town

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What the readers say

“You are simply one of the best bloggers on women and fitness that I know. I always love reading your posts. This article was a wondefully complete analysis. thank you. – deb, March 23rd, 2009

“Outstanding site! What a wealth of material!” – Andy, January 8th, 2008

“Best db snatch tutorial on the net!” – Vman, March 6, 2008

“Been reading your stuff for a few weeks now and wanted to express appreciation.Your website layout is cleanly crafted; your material informed and engaging; your enthusiasm is inspirational.” – Deryck, April 14th, 2008

About Sally Moss

Sally Moss personal trainer and strength coachSally Moss is passionate about all things strength.

She has competed in powerlifting, olympic weightlifting and strongwoman, winning Silver at the World Drug Free Powerlifting Championships in 2009 and taking Bronze at the British Weightlifting Championships in 2013.

She has also completed challenging fitness events such as the Three Peaks Challenge, Tough Guy, the Grim Challenge and many more.

Sally Moss is based in London, UK. She gives workshops, courses and seminars on weight training through her training company Strength Ambassadors, including the ever popular women’s weight training course Ladies Who Lift and her beginners Olympic Lifting course.

Sally is a personal trainer and Biosignature practitioner, working out of Ultimate Performance, “the best personal training facility in London” (Men’s Health).

Sally has a degree in English Literature from Cambridge University and has been an internet journalist since 2007. As well as her strength training blog, she also writes a Personal Training blog at Strength Ambassadors, was online editor of functional fitness portal FK.UK and now runs the Women’s Strength Training Network on Facebook.

Last updated November 2011

  • 1

    Hi Sally!

    I have to say I am impressed with the site! Had a chuckle at one particular post and the advice given to a ‘popular female’ on another site! You know my thoughts on these issues, hence the reason I tend not to debate them!

    Anyway, congrats on the site – when mine is finally up and running (the delay is thanks to loooong working hours!) we must link to each other!

    Take Care

    Steve x

    Stephen Hoyles on November 6th, 2007
  • 2

    Thanks babe! Yes, best not to get involved!

    I was thinking about your site actually and wondering how you are getting along with it. You’ve been making the occasional reference to writing articles etc so I assume it’s all going well and you are preparing to launch your guru-ness on the world soon!

    gubernatrix on November 6th, 2007
  • 3

    Yeah the articles are on-going. I think the site word count is around 35,000 now, spread over about 32 documents. I want to go live with at least 50, otherwise some sections will look empty!

    Will let you know when I need testers!


    Stephen Hoyles on November 8th, 2007
  • 4

    Hi Gubernatrix, I love your site! Would you be interested in exchanging links to each other’s site? My site is Let me know if it interests you!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    (re-posting due to bad url)

    Sue on November 12th, 2007
  • 5

    First off I’d like to say nice site. I like the videos of your training.

    I do have one comment in relation to this ‘popular female’ debate; the whole issue of amateurs offering advice to other amateurs and trying to determine who’s advice is more valid. Aren’t you yourself an amateur? And by presenting your thoughts and advice etc in such a professional manner (and this website does look professional compared to lots of others) are you not in danger of leading people to believe your advice is more valid than that of some random meathead on a fitness forum?

    And while it maybe very sound information on this site, that doesn’t mean you can dismiss other peoples opinions just because they are from an anonymous face on a forum… unless of course they’re clearly talking rubbish!

    Sorry if I’m sounding argumentative, I do like the site.

    Martin on November 15th, 2007
  • 6

    No problems, it’s an interesting point! I’m sorry that you thought I dismissed those other opinions because, reading back over the article, I don’t think I did. What I said was that they thoroughly confused the original poster with their somewhat esoteric discussions. Their advice wasn’t technically “wrong”, just not appropriate for the question that was asked.

    I included this story as a lighthearted introduction and to demonstrate the issue I wanted to address.

    The guys are certainly not “random meatheads”, they are very nice people and I know them all (virtually). But I do think there was a bit of showing off going on 😉

    On the point about being an amateur, yes I am and I make sure to explain this. I’ve also got plenty to share about strength training. There are some popular and well-regarded sites out there which were started by “amateurs”. Two that spring to mind are Stumptuous and John Stone Fitness Forums. So you don’t have to be a PT or have a degree in sports science to build a site/community that people value.

    I’m pleased that you took the time to look around and post!

    gubernatrix on November 15th, 2007
  • 7

    Hi, my name is Mario. I am from Chile. I love sport and fitness. You are beauty :). Do you have msn??


    Mario on December 6th, 2007
  • 8

    Hi Mario, thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately I don’t use MSN.

    gubernatrix on December 7th, 2007
  • 9

    Hi Guber,
    Great website – well done. Hope you are keeping well.

    Jimmie (MS) on December 18th, 2007
  • 10

    I’m great, thanks. Keep up the squatting!

    gubernatrix on December 19th, 2007
  • 11

    Hello – so glad I found your website 🙂 I live in north cornwall also. I have been weight training for nearly a year but hardly any free weights. I would love to find out more about weight traing for women & get some advice etc.

    Bye for now

    ange on December 20th, 2007
  • 12

    Hi Ange! Drop me an email if you like. My address is in the page above.

    gubernatrix on December 20th, 2007
  • 13

    Thanks – I would love to have a chat with you but can’t find your email address, I’m not sure about the page above thing?? probally due to me being really hopeless with computers. maybe you could drop me a quick email then I can reply.

    Cheers 🙂

    ange on December 22nd, 2007
  • 14

    Hey G-

    Hope this note finds you in high spirits and good health-Happy New Year to you! I like your site and have passed the link on to several friends of mine…my favourite is your “Drop Out Diaries”..

    Keep up the good work lady 🙂


    Broadus on January 4th, 2008
  • 15

    Many thanks Broadus, happy new year to you too!

    gubernatrix on January 5th, 2008
  • 16

    Outstanding site! What a wealth of material! Got your site from Rossboxing (I post as AgelessWarrior).

    Keep up the great work Gubernatrix… Here’s to a new year of fitness and life goals achieved!


    Andy on January 8th, 2008
  • 17

    Thanks so much Andy! I’ll look out for you on rosstraining. What other training are you into apart from the Ross stuff?

    gubernatrix on January 8th, 2008
  • 18

    Besides my devotion to Ross’s Infinite Intensity I am a loyal practitioner of both Crossfit and kettlebells (ala Pavel and Mike Mauler). Just started Josh Henkins sandbag workouts! Mostly I’ve done Crossfit solo but an affiliate is finally opening here in Tucson, AZ! First workout was “Fight Gone Bad”–awesome!

    Andy on January 9th, 2008
  • 19

    Ok, all the good stuff then!

    gubernatrix on January 9th, 2008
  • 20

    @ Ange – my email got bounced back from your email address. Could there be a typo?

    gubernatrix on January 15th, 2008
  • 21

    Hey mate.

    Popped in for a look, lots of good stuff going on

    far too technical for an old fart like me stay busy

    In training


    Vanders' on February 29th, 2008
  • 22

    Hey V!

    Thanks for keeping up to date. Too technical? Pah! You like to make out you’re some kind of neanderthal but I know the truth. Glad to see you are still kicking ass, destroying innocent equipment and scaring people 😉

    gubernatrix on February 29th, 2008
  • 23

    I know this site from

    Eagle566 on March 6th, 2008
  • 24

    Just came across your site, Sally. I think your approach is great. Been trying to get my wife into free weights for a while now. Even wrote an article on my blog about her reticence. I’ll send her a link to your stuff. Maybe it will help.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Philip on March 7th, 2008
  • 25

    @ Eagle566: Thank you, glad you like it!

    @ Philip: good post, you hit many nails on the head!

    gubernatrix on March 8th, 2008
  • 26

    Hi there. Been reading your stuff for a few weeks now and wanted to express appreciation.Your website layout is cleanly crafted; your material informed and engaging; your enthusiasm is inspirational. I started weights age 12, swam, played rugby and did Olympic lifting in my 20s, met Mel Siff in the gym at Wits Univ when I taught there before moving to London School of Theology. Count myself blessed to be injury free at 64 and able to try out kettlebells, tabata and homebased crossfit style training recently. Most of my garage weights, bought second hand in Cape Town, went to Joburg, came to London and will return to Cape Town with me this year. My daughter (33) and husband will prob grace my garage there. Weights have kept me sane. Part of a very unmystical spirituality. You’ve got years ahead of you! Blessings. Tjeers, Deryck

    Deryck on April 14th, 2008
  • 27

    Wow Deryck, thanks so much for your kind words! I do find myself getting more enthusiastic the more I train and discover new things. I’m also in awe of people like you who have a lifetime of training behind them and are still getting into new stuff. I didn’t start weight training until well into my twenties, so I’ll need all those years ahead of me to catch up 😉

    Cheers for reading!

    gubernatrix on April 14th, 2008
  • 28

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    Have a great day!

    Alexandra Snyder on June 12th, 2008
  • 29

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    We also offer an affiliate program as well as pricing for retailers of our Gymboss timer.


    Gary Breuhan on July 2nd, 2008
  • 30

    Nice site! I actually found your site through your youtube videos. I especially like the video dealing with bodyweight exercising. That is something I do a lot and will be sharing with my blog readers soon.

    Looking forward to reading more of your future posts!

    Conquer Weight Loss on July 31st, 2008
  • 31

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

    Alex on August 15th, 2008
  • 32

    Just a quick note…love your site; good information, pics, vids, articles. Always fun to visit. Haven’t left any comments, but may start chiming in soon.

    Looking forward to reading your next post!



    Fred on March 21st, 2009
  • 33

    Cheers Fred, glad you felt moved to comment! Here’s to many more…!

    gubernatrix on March 23rd, 2009
  • 34


    I linked you onto my site. I love this blog. Just wish you would write more! Keep up the good work and training

    Lee Hazard on July 20th, 2009
  • 35

    Hey Lee! Thanks – as it happens I am just planning my next few posts as we speak. Just had a look at your site too – I like your outlook. Talking a lot of sense!
    Cheers Gubes

    gubernatrix on July 20th, 2009
  • 36

    Great site. Well organized and inspiring. I particularly enjoy your videos that demonstrate what you can do in limited space with just your bodyweight.

    I know it must be a tremendous amount of work assemblying all of this information and shooting the videos. Many many thanks!!

    Now that you’ve inspired me, I need to get up off my arse and get some exercise! 😉

    Joe on December 19th, 2009
  • 37

    Thanks very much Joe, I get inspired by people getting inspired!

    gubernatrix on December 19th, 2009
  • 38

    i used to weight train and bodybuild when i was ‘MUCH’ younger.
    i grew up watching geoff cape and that viking fella.
    sadly (for me) i am now 46 years young and getting by after having 2 strokes in 2001.
    yeah yeah yeah, oh dear, blah blah blah.
    anyway gubernatrix, please, please, please could you do some digging around for me and let me know 2 items?:-
    1/ where and when is britains strongest man 2010 being held?
    2/ where and when is the world strongest man 2010 being held?
    thanks peter xxx

    peter mendez on January 6th, 2010
  • 39

    […] is an event being held at Crossfit London, which I will be co hosting along with Kate Pankhurst, Sally Moss and a few other ladies what […]

  • 40

    Great website!!!

    Petr P. on December 2nd, 2014
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